These terms and conditions apply to all trips and voucher purchases. When placing a booking you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.


All customers will be given a safety brief prior to departure including a life jacket drill. We have full public liability insurance. All customers are required to advise us at Bay Fish N Trips prior to booking or departure of any pre-existing medical conditions that could possibly affect the safety of the crew or other passengers. We have the right to refuse a booking or refuse boarding if a passenger is considered to be high risk. Unfortunately Plover is not suitable for wheel chairs, as climbing a short ladder is required. All children (10 years & under) are required to wear a life jacket.


We don't wait for late customers on casual trips. It is important that you allow time for traffic and parking. Exception – Private Charters (further charges will apply if extra time is required and available).


Bay Fish N Trips reserves the right to cancel a trip if the skipper considers the weather to be unsuitable or dangerous. A mobile contact phone number is required to confirm the trip or to advise of any cancellation due to bad weather.


We are available every day (weather permitting & minimum nos met) of the year excluding Christmas Day and New Years Day.

The 'Billy G-oat Clause' - as there are the unfortunately some people in the community who are without principles (dishonest and lacking integrity) we have introduced a minimum deposit person payment to be deducted from cards (to ensure they are valid) held as confirmation of the booking on both Shared and Private Charters. The deposit taken from a credit card will be deducted from all final payments on the day of the charter or invoices sent.

Shared Charters (joining in with others)

To secure a booking we require the details of a credit card (Visa, Master Card or Union Bank).

With 1- 9 persons: A valid credit card number will hold the booking temporarily. The card number and payment of $5 per person from the card will be confirmation of the booking. On the day of the charter, you are welcome to finish the payment by cash or by card. Alternatively you can place an internet transfer to finalise payment but this must be cleared at least 3 days prior to the charter.

With 10+ persons: A valid credit card number will hold the booking temporarily. A deposit of 50% (with a 1% bank fee) will be deducted from a credit card to confirm the booking. On the day of the charter, you are welcome to finish the payment by cash or by card. Alternatively, we can take $5 per person from your credit card (no bank fee) and the rest of the 50% deposit can be made by internet transfer to finalise deposit payment but this must be cleared at least 3 days prior to the charter.

Please note, the number of people that you have booked for is how much you will be charged. If someone drops out, the person named as the organiser on the booking sheet is responsible for their payment on the day of the trip. If we are given a couple of days notice, there is a fair chance that we can find other people can fill their absence and their cost will be wavered. If not, you are responsible for their payment.

We require a minimum of 8 persons to run a trip (This can be made up of people in your own group or from individuals unknown to each other). If Bay Fish N Trips is not able to get the required number of people we have the right to reschedule the trip. Vouchers bookings are not refundable as we only reschedule voucher bookings.

Private charters(whole boat)

The details of a credit card are required and $15 will be deducted to ensure that it is a valid number. Groups can then elect to have a 50% deposit taken from the credit card or an invoice will be issued of which a 50% deposit or the whole amount for the charter can be made by internet transfer or cheque within 3 days of receiving the invoice. If only a deposit is paid by this time, the balance will be due on the day of the charter. Maximum number of passengers is 25 for fishing or cruising.

Please call 0418 349 364 if you have any questions re booking confirmation.


All payments must be made in full including cheques cleared prior to the vessel departing the pier. Bookings made must be paid, that is, if a booking is for 5 persons and only 4 arrive for the trip, the full booking for 5 must be paid unless that space can be filled prior to departure. Cash payment is most welcome, but we also accept Master Card, Visa, Union Bank, EFT, Bank cheques or a money order (latter must be cleared before charter). There is a 1% surcharge on all card payments.


If a trip/booking (Private or Shared) is cancelled within 7 days prior to departure for any reason other than by the Skipper for weather/safety, then the full price 100% will be charged. Please note that if we can replace the number of people involved in the cancellation, your charge will reflect that accordingly. If a trip/booking (Private) is cancelled within 14 to 7 days prior to the charter for any reason other than by the Skipper for weather/safety, then 50% of the full price will be charged.


We refund tariff only if the cancellation is clear of the 7 or 14 day cancellation days as stated above. If prior to the day of the charter, the skipper decides that the weather conditions are unsuitable or dangerous, all deposits/payments shall be fully refunded if the booking is not transferred.


Bay Fish N Trips has a strict “no refund policy” for whole or part once the Plover has departed the pier. Persons failing to show up for the charter will also be charged the full amount. We have limited vacancy and filling spots at the last minute is virtually impossible. If on the day of the charter, the Skipper decides that the weather conditions are unsuitable or dangerous, all deposits/payments shall be fully refunded if the booking is not transferred.


All details obtained from clients are only utilised for the express purpose of the operations of Bay Fish N Trips and these details are never sold, distributed or released to any other parties or bodies. Credit Card details are destroyed after the day of charter. In the instance of unauthorised credit cards these details will be forwarded to legal or recovery professionals.


Any client holding a Gift or Discount Voucher provided by Bay Fish N Trips must produce the voucher at time of boarding or full fare must be paid. Clients who miss the boat by arriving too late or failing to show up, will forfeit their voucher. Clients who hold Gift or Discount Vouchers and make a booking, but do not attend for their chosen trip, will forfeit their Voucher. Issued Gift or Discount Vouchers are not transferable for either Cash or Credit and money will not be refunded under any circumstances. Replacement vouchers cannot be re-issued if the voucher/s are lost, destroyed or misplaced. Gift Vouchers cannot be used for part payment of a Private Charter. Cash refunds or credit cards reimbursements are not available for issued vouchers. All Gift Vouchers will be posted to your address upon receipt of your payment. The holder then books at their convenience (our contact details are included on each certificate) or you can pre book for the certificate recipient as well.


If you are over 18 and under 70 years of age (without concession cards) please ensure that you purchase a Victorian fishing licence before commencing your trip with Bay Fish N Trips. Licences are available on board if required or on line through the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources. Minimum cost is $10 for a 3 day licence.


The Skipper reserves the right to cancel any trip or return to Port any individual or group where staff are being harassed and or abused or if that individual or group behaves in an unsuitable or dangerous way - without refund.


We don't provide our charter service for Bucks Parties or boozy Work Groups. No alcohol allowed on board for males only groups. If any individual/group arrives for their charter clearly under the influence of alcohol and the Skipper is of the opinion that the individual/group is not in a suitable condition to take part in the charter, the trip will be cancelled and the full amount of charter costs will be forfeited. No refunds. The Skipper reserves the right to refuse boarding to any person he or she believes is intoxicated prior to the commencement of the trip. Bottles of spirits are banned on board the boat, only small amounts of wine or beer for groups with mixed sexes, that have discussed this at the time of their booking. During a trip, should the consumption of alcohol result in unruly behaviour, the Skipper reserves the right to terminate the trip without refund. The Skipper reserves the right to notify Police of the imminent return to the Mornington Pier of drunk & disorderly customers.


Drugs are not tolerated in any form. If a customer attempts consume an illegal substance the skipper will immediately report this to the Marine Police and the trip will be cancelled directly. No refund will be paid.


Any equipment lost due to negligence will be charged for the full replacement value per rod and reel unit etc as decided by the skipper and/or costs incurred in damage repair to boat. This payment will be taken from the credit card supplied for booking purposes.


It is our mission to optimise everyone's opportunity to catch a fish. Bay Fish N Trips does not guarantee every customer catches a fish but we guarantee that we will do our very best given the circumstances on the day.


Passengers 14 years and under are considered as children. Children under 10 years of age must be able to fit into a child's PDF 1 life jacket and it is our policy that a life jacket is to be worn throughout the charter. We request that a paying adult on a one to one basis supervises each child. As a consideration to other fisherman, large family groups may be asked to hire the boat privately. A limited number of children's life jackets are available on board and you are welcome to bring your own if you wish. All children are to be accompanied by full paying adult.


Use of the Repeat Offenders Club cards constitutes acceptance of the following conditions of use. Every person who comes on board the Plover for a Shared Charter will receive an ROC discount card. The ROC card must be presented at time of payment and only the person named on the card will receive an authorised discount for trip purchased. The card cannot be offered as a prize, on-sold, resold, exchanged for cash and only to be used by the person named. Bay Fish N Trips is not responsible for lost or stolen ROC cards. Bay Fish N Trips has the right to withdraw, limit, modify, cancel or discontinue the ROC card without notice.

Cards presented prior to October 2016 can still be redeemed at any time and they will be replaced by the new current continuous discount card.